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When looking for an FJ40 for sale there are a few things to be aware of before pulling the trigger.  These first series of posts are designed to help you ask the right questions and look for the right things. Here are a few Land Cruiser FJ40 parts to look over:

First make sure that you understand the FJ-40 brakes.  In 1976, the Toyota put front disk brakes on the FJ-40.  1975 and older Fj’s have drum brake system all around.  Make sure you understand drum brake systems before deciding on an earlier Fj40.  The mail reason we recommend looking at Fj40′s for sale in the 1976 and after range is because the parts were changing frequently and you really need to do your homework as to what you have and where to find your FJ40 parts.

Stay away from ads the read like this: FJ40 For Sale *Repainted

We do not recommend purchasing an Fj40 that has been repainted.   Primarialy because you really need to be able to see the original condition on the body.  Someone could be hiding structural damage, or rust under a fresh paint job.

Places to identify Rust:

1) Rear quarter panels and wheel wells.
2) Inside the door sills
3) Front driver and passenger floor pans
4) Floor pan section near rear tailgate doors

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