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Land Cruiser

The official US toyota webpage has launched a great new interactive “brochure” chronicling the heritage of our beloved Toyota Land Cruiser.  It’s a great interactive webpage with some cool old pics and the history leading all the way up to the 60th anniversary Land Cruiser for sale today. Check it out here: Land Cruiser Heritage

I love that Toyota always seems to recognize the rich history of the Land Cruiser when unveiling the new model.  Enjoy the eye candy!  Toyota Land Cruiser

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Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 10.03.59 PM

Beautiful looking Red FJ40 fram off restoration! You can see more detailed pics and info here on eBay


  • Frame off, totally restored 1980 FJ40 with factory cold AC and Power Steearing
  • This FJ40 was good to begin with and now after a yearlong restoration, is like new.
  • 80,805 miles on the body. 500 miles on a rebuild F2 motor.
  • New nuts and bolts throughout this FJ40. New door seals all around.
  • All pieces where taken down to metal, primed and painted with red,
  • Powder coated frame and running gear.
  • Original rims with correct stock color.
  • New procomp Shocks and Steering Stabilizer, new shackles.
  • New exhaust system.
  • New 33×10.5 15 BFG Mud Terrain Tires
  • All fenders where shot with a black rust inhibitor/protector.
  • New front bumper with New Warn Winch.
  • New, completely rebuilt 2F engine with less than 500 miles on it. Complete valve job, re-
  • ring, hone and new rod bearings. Runs perfectly.
  • New clutch assembly transmission shifts flawlessly.
  • New Front Disc Brakes, new rear drum breaks.
  • As mentioned, this FJ has Power Steering and works like new.
  • New 2” body lift and 2” shackle lift for a total 4” lift
  • original visors Original AM radio and speaker
  • New back rubber matt and original front mat

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78 Toyota FJ40

1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Well…..Here is the FJ40 everyone asks me for. I own a FJ40 restoration shop, have owned more than 600 FJ40’s, this is the most rust free, most desired combination, best non-restored FJ I’ve ever had period. I bought this FJ from the original owner, he treated it gold, stored inside, meticulously maintained. I spent 2 months going through the entire truck to make it turn-key for the next owner. 79-83 FJ40’s with factory AC, power steering are the most desired period, with 83 being the most desired as only 30 were imported with those options that last year of production. I have 2 of those 30, but they are not for sale. Find it here on eBay

|| Read more

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Here is a chopped up Land Cruiser FJ40 that is build exclusively mudding.  I’m sure this is a very capable machine, however I cannot ever imagine cutting into an FJ40 to achieve this result.  I LOVE the classic look of the FJ40 and this style just robs the cruiser of its intended glory.  I am admidditly a colector and not a mudder, and I am fully aware this shadws my opinions about the FJ40.

If your interest you can find it in Houston listed here on craigslist. || Read more

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texas FJ40

Every now and again I like to spotlight an outstanding retailer in the Toyota Land Cruiser market.  Today I’d like to recommend Cool Cruiser’s of Texas.  I had the pleasure of ordering from these guys in the past, and everything was handled great, was delivered on time, and they even threw in a free beautiful FJ40 poster!  In addition to selling parts for the FJ40, they also outfit all other classic land cruiser models.

I also love to frequent Cool Cruisers to check out their custom builds.  Occasionally they offer full restorations, even of your not in the market for a new FJ40 they are worth a look just for the joy of seeing a fully restored Toyota FJ40 looking new off the lot.

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Barn Find FJ40

While searching around a GREAT forum that I visit frequently I stumbled upon a poster that has had some great success in searching and locating rare Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40′s sitting in dusty old barns.  This baby looks dirty, but there is not a spec of rust, and it has been virtually untouched for almost 30 years.  The owner of this Toyota FJ40 is around 70 years old and was looking for someone to come along and help her get it running.  ”How do you find an old Land Cruiser sitting in a dustk barn?”  It takes a lot of time, and a lot of back alley conversations.  Get to now the locals in a small town and many time people will say “I’ve seen one of those in Ned’s barn,” or “Jim had one of those old Toyota’s and it’s sitting in the backyard, needs some work.”  Anyway, I’ve yet to luck out and find one of these untouched beauties as of yet, but here’s for hoping.  Praying the Toyota Land Cruiser Gods smile on me one day!  :)  Here are a couple of pics of 2 different Cruiser barn finds.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Grill

Here is one of the original Toyota commercials spotlighting our beloved Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40! This really takes me back! Hope you enjoy.

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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ Safari

About a month ago I was privileged enough to to get to visit Nairobi Kenya while on a Compassion International trip helping free children from the slums by providing holistic spiritual, physical, and educational needs. It was life changing to say the least. If you have never heard of Compassion or what they are all about I urge you to support their organization, they are truly doing remarkable things. On the tail end of the trip my group of about 10 other guys got the chance to go on a once and a lifetime safari in the Masai Mara National Reserve. If ever given the chance, or if it has ever been a dream of yours, YOU MUST GO! The things I saw and felt on the trip were both extremely difficult (seeing extreme poverty) and extremely beautiful (the people, culture, and landscapes). I wanted to share some of the pictures that I took while there in Africa, both of the poverty and of the beauty, and of some amazing Toyota Land Cruisers especially for you Land Cruiser fanatics! We were literally surrounded by old Toyota Land Cruiser’s everywhere. Everything from old FJ60′s, to perfect FJ40′s and the new model safari FJ60 style that you will see || Read more

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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 close

Here is a great look into a full restoration of a 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. The following link provides you 160 pics of this beauty and the end result. A real nice job on this FJ40.  The Photos: 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 or Find it for sale  here on Bayin Jupiter, FL

The Details:

Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser 1982 with all the parts taken apart and sand blasted for better future rust prevention (primed, sealed and painted with BASF quality paint), the whole frame was sanded and immediately primed and painted with Professional black color and restored. This vehicle was in good shape before restoration and in fact all the body is ORIGINAL (not aftermarket parts on it); Undercarriage was completely black rubberized undercoated to prevent even more rust issues.

Most of bolts, washers and nuts were replaced for full threatened Stainless Steel, and all other bolt and nuts and pieces that we did not replace for stainless steel were restored or painted as well.

All windows taken apart for better paint job quality and reasembly with 3M autoglass Ribbon Sealer.

Inside the body, we used a Professional grade tintable spray in liner (not painted over) to give the vehicle a better look and even more rust protection. So, if you have a pet, no problem, || Read more

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The Walking Dead FJ40

Last night I started watching “The Walking Dead” which is a ongoing human drama following a zombie apocalypse. A great show so far if your into zombies and the apocalypse. :) About forty minutes into the show I spotted our beloved Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. It’s driven by one of the survivors, the perfect zombie killing machine.